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Product details
  • Name: ZNS-K350 Flat-bottom Paper Bag Machine
  • Number: 7
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This machine is used to make paper-based flat bottom paper bags in one process from roll paper, 3-color printing inline, perforating, side gluing, tube forming & cutting, snapping and bottom folding to bag collection in the control of 4 Mitsubishi servo motors (imported from Japan) to ensure the high precision and stability, simple maintenance and high efficiency.


Main parameters


Max. roll paper width:            1050 mm

Max. diameter of roll paper:  ф1100 mm

Inside diameter of paper:      ф76 mm

Paper gram:                           30-130 g/m2

Finished paper bag width:      80-350 mm

Cut-off length:                      190-750 mm

Total power:                          13 KW

Production speed:                 400 pcs/min

Line speed:                           100 m/min

Weight:                                  6500 KG

Overall dimension:                900x150x220 cm

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