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  • Name: ZD-FH450Q Sheet-fed paper shopping bag making machine
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This machine is mainly used for making square bottom paper bags with high gram by sheet feeding, which are widely used for exquisite beverage packaging, clothes packaging, etc.

It can use primary color or pre-printed sheet paper to finish bag forming in one process, with automatic functions of sheet paper feeding, side gluing, top over-fold, folding into a tube, holes punching, bottom gluing, bag bottom forming, and bags collection.

It is with advantages of fast speed, stable performance, easy operation and adjustment. It can also save labor cost in a great extent.


Machine model          ZD-FH350              ZD-FH450
Paper sheet width     440-1050 mm        620-1250 mm
Paper sheet length    320-630 mm          340-630 mm
Paper gsm                 100-250 g/m2       100-250 g/m2
Paper bag width        140-350 mm           220-450 mm
Paper bag length       240-480 mm           240-480 mm
Bag bottom width      65-150 mm             80-170 mm
Top overfold width     20-40mm              20-40mm
Hole distance            55/110mm              55/110mm
Max. speed                80 bags/min           80 bags/min
Total power              15 kW                       18 kW
Weight                      14000 kg                 16000 kg
Overall dimensions   1500*650*170 cm   1500*700*180 cm
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