ZD-FD150 type thin paper single square bottom paper bag machine

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The ZD-FD150-type thin paper single-sheet square bottom paper bag machine is used to produce environmental protection paper bags, food paper bags (chestnut bags, bread, etc.), gift paper bags and cosmetic paper bags with paper as raw materials. The machine completes the paper bags at one time by using the machine. It has the advantages of feeding paper from a single sheet, longitudinal pressing line, upper side glue, cylinder forming, horizontal pressing line, bottom opening, bottom gluing at the bottom, and square bottom folding, automatic production functions such as paper bag pressing and merging finished products. The combination of various technologies and functions of the machine is currently the first in China, and it has also obtained a number of invention patents granted by the State Patent Administration. The machine has the obvious advantages of producing thinner paper and high speed, the stability of high-speed production, and the debugging is extremely Convenient, it is the most ideal purchase equipment for major printing plants and handbag manufacturers.