Paper bag machine in the process of producing packaging bags

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Take our common handbag as an example: its scale is usually determined according to the details of the article. the scale consists of length * width * height. the common specifications are split, 3-open or 4-open. each kind has two kinds of generosity or positive degree.

Let's talk about what kind of paper to choose. The paper is usually coated paper, such as 157G and 200G. If the articles you pack are heavy, you can choose coated paper of more than 300G, and there are some special paper jams to print. This requires film pressing to enhance the hardness of paper bags. In terms of patience, kraft paper has the strongest patience and is increasingly used in the production of packaging bags.

In the end, there will be some special requirements for handbags and the like. After being made by a paper bag machine, the box will be glued and wired after processing and pressing. In order to add the tensile strength of the handbag, rivets need to be reinforced at the rope holes. The development bottleneck of network printing At present, network printing is getting more and more attention. Some network printing shops have achieved certain results through continuous exploration and trial. With a relatively fixed customer group, the operation mode has basically formed, but there is still a big gap from the large-scale network printing. The reason, the author believes that there are the following aspects:

1. network environment has yet to be improved The Internet is another core technology of network printing, which directly restricts the development of network printing. The development of Internet technology and netizens' understanding of computer network technology and network printing transaction procedures have a great impact on the development of paper bag machine network printing. At present, although the scale of Internet users in my country is very large, the penetration rate of the Internet in the national population is only 20%, that is to say, 80% of people have not yet gone online, and the gap with foreign developed countries is very obvious. In addition, the network speed is too slow to affect the customer upload data, even can not carry out network transmission, hinder the development of network printing business. At present, domestic users' awareness of online printing is still very low, and the demand for online printing is not clear. Moreover, when individual consumers entrust online printing shops to carry out printing business through the Internet for the first time, they need to spend a certain amount of time to be familiar with the whole transaction process. In addition, when customers DIY make personalized products, they need to spend time and patiently operate step by step. Generally, they also need certain image processing technology. However, office workers are busy and it is difficult to take time to complete these operations.

3. The particularity of printing Printing belongs to a special industry. It has strict restrictions on the content and attribution of printed matter. Therefore, it requires high security and confidentiality of its information. Once digital content is formed, its information can be copied. Sex will be greatly enhanced, and a little carelessness will lead to information leakage and piracy. This is precisely the problem that customers are most worried about. In addition, the printing process is complex, there are many human factors, prepress, printing, and post-press each process has a great impact on product quality. Once there is a deviation in the understanding of customer intentions, it will lead to the failure of the entire product, which also leads to network printing. One of the reasons why it cannot develop rapidly. At present, only about 10% of the printing suppliers that have introduced the network printing system regard network printing as the best sales opportunity for enterprises. The vast majority of printing and prepress companies may be using these systems, but they do not know how to more effectively to sell network printing products, lack of confidence in this business model. If the printing plant can not be planned for sales, program development, business and market expansion, it is impossible to get the ideal return on investment. The environment of network printing needs to be created by printers and customers. However, in the early days, paper bag printers should play a leading role in creating an atmosphere.