Form and structure of paper bag machine production equipment

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Paper Bag Machine Looking at all kinds of paper bag machine production equipment in the market, there are various forms and structures, including vertical flat pressing structure models and horizontal automatic flat pressing structure models. Paper bag machines with round pressing structure and round pressing form; There are paper bag machines suitable for flat paper and models that can die-cut roll paper. There are both hot stamping and aluminum stamping, it can also complete the multi-functional online machine of die cutting. There are indentation, slotting and slitting models online with corrugated board printing machine, as well as die-cutting devices online with embossing, flexo, gravure and offset printing machines, etc., to meet and meet the needs of improving production efficiency and quality of various products. So, what kind of paper bag machine is used in the printing factory to produce in order to maximize the production efficiency and product quality? This requires that we should first rationally understand the die-cutting process and equipment, understand the structure, performance and adaptability of different paper bag machines, and timely grasp the development trend and application trend of China's paper bag machines. According to the production structure and product characteristics of the factory, it is very important to select the appropriate paper bag machine for production. After decades of development, the level of production technology and production scale have been greatly improved and expanded. Especially since 2000, domestic paper bag machine manufacturers have made major breakthroughs and progress in digesting and absorbing foreign advanced manufacturing technology, and the equipment tends to be digital, intelligent, functional and linkage, the technical performance and automation of the equipment have made a qualitative leap. The traditional and backward vertical flat manual paper die-cutting equipment is gradually replaced by automatic paper bag machines with high efficiency and high quality production characteristics. This trend is becoming more and more significant, especially in some large and medium-sized printing factories in economically developed areas. The number of applications of horizontal flat automatic paper bag machines is increasing, and they have become the main equipment for die-cutting production in factories. As far as the overall situation of the printing industry is concerned, because many small and medium-sized printing factories in our country are mostly based on orders with miscellaneous varieties and small production quantities, the factory has small business volume, and the production scale and efficiency have certain limitations. Fully automatic die-cutting equipment is still difficult to be widely adopted in the short term.