Paper bag machine simple introduction

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Round Rope Automatic Paper Bag Machine Series

This machine is used to produce hand-held paper bags. The hand-held station automatically makes the prepared round rope and roll paper into hand-held, and transfers the prepared hand-held to the stations of cutting handle, feeding handle, pasting handle and pressing handle through the conveying system. Then the primary color or printed roll paper is broken, glued and pasted automatically, then, the main machine will coat the paper with hand-in-hand with edge glue, form a cylinder, cut off, crease, air suction of the large hub and small hub to open the bottom, glue on the bottom, shape the bottom of the bag and transport it out of the bag. The whole process is completed simultaneously at one time. Truly fully automated production, can effectively save labor costs. The whole machine adopts a full servo electronic control system to ensure that the whole machine can run quickly and stably, and can effectively reduce the time of paper bag size adjustment. The production of paper bags and finished products with high accuracy, strong stability, easy maintenance, and efficient production. It is an ideal purchase equipment for major printing plants and paper bag manufacturers.