What is the effect of good and bad paper bag machine production?

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Use paper bag machine to make a variety of different bags is very common, and the main work of the equipment is to make bags, then the process of using the equipment, the use of good or bad and what factors are related.

Simply speaking, the most ideal production effect is mainly related to the temperature, pressure and bronzing speed of the paper bag machine. Therefore, as long as the staff can grasp these three aspects when operating the equipment, I believe it will achieve rational effect. First, the temperature. The temperature of the paper bag machine must be controlled within a certain range. Too high or too low a temperature is not ideal for the effect. If it is to adjust the temperature, you may as well try several times more, and finally you can find a suitable one.

Next, pressure. The size of the pressure directly affects the adhesion firmness. If the pressure is not enough, the effect will definitely be virtual. If the pressure is too large, it will deform and will definitely affect the appearance. Therefore, the most ideal bag, especially paper bag, can be made with appropriate pressure.

Also, speed. If the speed is too fast or too slow, it will definitely affect the appearance, and the speed also needs to be continuously adjusted. Generally speaking, the effect of the bag made by the paper bag machine is good, mainly related to the pressure, speed and temperature of the paper bag machine. As long as the staff master these aspects when operating the equipment, I believe there will be an ideal effect. Of course, let a skilled old master to operate the equipment, I believe it will be more ideal.