Paper bag machine comparison standard operation process introduction

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paper bag machine is relatively standardized. The barrel and screw of

paper bag machine extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel, nitrided and precision processed. With hardness and corrosion resistance, the unit through the scientific design of a set of extrusion head, improve production, save energy, labor, production plant and other advantages. Used for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic film. Can be made into a variety of vest bags, flat bags, widely used in food, clothing, textile, industrial and other packaging.

One of the control points of the blown film production process refers to the ratio between the diameter of the blown bubble and the diameter of the unblown tube ring. The blow-up ratio is the transverse expansion multiple of the film, which is actually the transverse stretching of the film. The stretching will have a certain degree of orientation of the plastic molecules, and the blow-up ratio will increase, so that the transverse strength of the film will increase.

However, the inflation ratio should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause the film to be unstable and the film is prone to wrinkles. Therefore, the inflation ratio should be properly matched with the traction ratio. Generally speaking, the inflation ratio of low density polyethylene (LDPE) film should be controlled at 2.5~3.0.

People's living standards have improved, and the demand for goods and packaging has also increased. At present, all walks of life have begun to pay great attention to the packaging of products, which also provides a lot of space for bag making machines and blown film machines. However, with the development of the packaging industry, the packaging machinery industry has also exposed many problems, some problems and factors have restricted the development of the packaging machinery industry such as bag making machine and blown film machine.

Among the hetero bags, the current ones * are cone bags for packaging flowers and potted plants. The tapered bag protects the flowers. The exquisite printing decoration on the bag can enhance the attractiveness of the product and make it easier to transport flowers and plants. These products are generally sold in large supermarkets. Usually, flowers and potted plants are packaged automatically, so bags with pre-cut folds and hanging holes need to be stacked neatly.

Hot-sealed cold-cut bag-making machine has printed vest bags and flat bags; the main motor adopts a variable frequency motor, which makes you more energy-saving and speed-regulating more freely. Good performance of the color code tracker, so that the sealing length is more accurate, the error is smaller. Using advanced computer, the length adjustment is convenient and accurate. Plastic composite packaging bags in the cooling and placement, the heat seal strength has increased, but also has a tendency to become brittle.

machine head adopts layered spiral mandrel type and can rotate 360 degrees continuously. The rapid net changing device has a reasonable structure, easy to replace the filter screen, and reliable in use. The unit is equipped with various functional components: length recording device, slitting device, cooling water discharge, flattening roller and edge closing device. The die head is hard chrome plated, its structure is spiral mandrel type, the extruded molten material is uniform, the blown film finish is good, the structure of the air cooling device is labyrinth type, and the air outlet is uniform. The material of

film blowing machine must pass through a ring-shaped die in a high-temperature molten state, and then be extruded through air expansion. At this stage, the tubular film is in the forming section (the area between the die outlet and the cooling line) To undergo a severe cooling process, a cooling system needs to be installed here. There are two cooling methods for film blowing machines: external cooling and internal cooling.

The external cooling method of the gift bag paper bag machine is the first application method. Under the action of the cooling ring, the cooling air is released on a circular ring along the extrusion direction and the outer surface of the bubble to generate uniform around the ring Cooling air. Inside the cooling ring, the air at the upper port is discharged at a faster average velocity than at the lower port. It is ensured that the shape of the film bubble corresponds to that of the air-cooling ring, so that the average flow velocity of the air is increased and thus the heat transfer is improved.