What are the important factors of paper bag machine in the production of packaging bags

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Take our common handbag as an example: its scale is usually determined according to the size of the article. the scale consists of length * width * height. the common specifications are split, 3-open or 4-open. each kind has two kinds of magnanimity or positive degree.

Let's talk about what kind of paper to choose. The paper is usually coated paper, such as 157G and 200G. If the articles you pack are heavy, you can choose coated paper of more than 300G, and there are some special paper jams to print. This requires film pressing to enhance the hardness of paper bags. In terms of patience, kraft paper has the strongest patience and is increasingly used in the production of packaging bags.

In the end, there will be some special requirements for handbags and the like. After being made by a paper bag machine, the box will be glued and wired after processing and pressing. In order to add the tensile strength of the handbag, rivets need to be reinforced at the rope holes.