Why use paper bags instead of plastic bags?

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Why use paper bags instead of plastic bags?

In a period of widespread use of plastic products, the world has seen the impact of non-biodegradable waste from plastic packaging on the global environment. There are some plastic bottles and food packaging in the ocean, marine life dies from plastic products, and the fertility of soil land has declined. People get sick because of air pollution, ordinary people and the government began to pay attention to environmental problems.

Compared with plastic bags, paper bags have a stronger structure and can print high-quality images or logos or patterns. Therefore, paper bags are widely used in luxury and high-end gift packaging industries. People take them to schools, offices and retail stores. So it's not just good for business, it's most important for the environment.

Due to government bans or paper bag trends, organizations are gradually adopting biodegradable packaging solutions and using paper bags instead of plastic bags.