The basic design principles and basic design requirements of paper bag machine

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handbags from means of transportation to media for information dissemination is relatively popular in our country, but handbags have been made in China since ancient times: during the Chinese New Year, our ancients would use all kinds of flower cloth to tie the four corners into simple handbags and pack them with rich New Year's goods. The main technological features of the paper bag machine are to celebrate the New Year to relatives and friends for a hundred years. At ordinary times, sackcloth is used to make durable sackcloth bags for toasting, put on clothes and utensils for washing, and visit relatives and work in the distance. Even in today's society, many traditional handbags with local flavor can still be seen. When housewives knit sweaters, cloth bags used to hold thread balls, or woven bags used to hold personal belongings after work are typical design forms of handbags.

paper bag machine design generally requires simplicity and generosity, handbag design, handbag printing process is generally dominated by the company's logo and company name, or with the company's business philosophy, the design should not be too complicated, can deepen the consumer's impression of the company or product, obtain good publicity effect, paper bag machine printing to expand sales, establish famous brand, stimulate the purchase to enhance competitiveness has a great role. As the premise of handbag design and printing strategy, the establishment of corporate image plays an important role that can not be ignored. As the basis of the design composition, the form of psychological grasp is very important, from the visual psychology, people abandon the monotonous form, the pursuit of diverse changes, handbag printing to reflect the company's distinctive characteristics.

From paper bag machine packaging to handbag printing to use, the main technical performance of kraft paper bags not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also takes the opportunity to promote products or brands again. A beautifully designed bag will make people love it. Even if the handbag is printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertisements, customers will be happy to reuse it. This handbag has become one of the most efficient and inexpensive advertising media.

paper bag machine paper can choose 157g, 200g coated paper. If you need to match with heavier packaging products, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing. Such as the choice of coated paper or cardboard printing, generally need to film or sub film to increase its strength. In addition, due to its strong toughness and environmental protection, white kraft paper has been increasingly used in handbag making recently. Generally, 120g or 140g of white or yellow kraft paper can be used. The main classification of paper bags needs to be oiled after printing to protect the ink from being dirty when making bags.