Glue and binding in paper bag machines

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paper bag machine are on the spine and side of the book, and the hot melt adhesives used are also different. For example, the performance of the two is also different, and the hot melt temperature is different. It is very important to master the quality of gluing and gluing. If the temperature of the melt adhesive is too high, the melt adhesive will be too thin and the viscosity will be insufficient. If the temperature of the melt adhesive is too high, the glue will not penetrate and flow, some will also be a small granular block attached to the ridge surface or side surface will make the cover wrinkle, empty ridge. It is worth mentioning that at present, the performance of hot melt produced by different manufacturers is also different (we have such experience from actual use). Take the hot melt temperature of hot melt adhesive as an example, some side glue temperature is 120 ℃, the hot melt temperature of spine glue is 135 ℃, some side glue hot melt temperature is 180 ℃, and the hot melt temperature of spine glue is 200 ℃. Therefore, in use, according to the performance of the material, master the appropriate process parameters, in order to ensure the quality of the glue. Under normal circumstances, after gluing, the width of the side glue covering should be 4mm ~ 5mm, and the spine glue can penetrate and fill the milling groove. When the gluing is uneven, the gluing is too thin, and the pallet of the cover-covered paper bag machine is not replaced as required (or the height position is properly adjusted), the glued books are prone to empty ridges and wrinkled backs. This is the plastic package process must pay attention to control and inspection.

paper bag machine before the finishing work is a process that can not be ignored in the whole process of wireless binding. If the paper bag machine enters the plastic bag without finishing in the finishing process, many kinds of bad quality problems such as page stripping, loose pages, empty ridges, wrinkled ridges, etc. will occur after the plastic bag is finished. Sorting is to bundle the semi-finished book stickers, put a certain number of book stickers on the binding machine, quickly block the two ends with plates, start the binding machine, compact the loose book stickers and then tie them with ropes. In order to make the compacted back stiff and solid, polyethylene glue is used to brush the bound book back after compaction and binding. After the polyvinyl alcohol glue on the brush is dried, the tie rope is loosened, and then each book is separated and transferred to the plastic bag.