What is the cause of the edge warping problem in the operation of the bread paper bag machine?

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bread paper bag machine is the use of computer central control system to ensure the accuracy of the product. So we all know what is the cause of the problem of the edge warping of the bread and paper bag machine? The reasons for the edge warping problem of

bread bag machine are as follows:

Reason 1: In the longitudinal heat sealing knife part, the running track of the composite film is not straight

Solution: Select the inner sealing substrate with low temperature heat sealing property;

Reason 2: The film in the composite material has poor heat resistance;

Solution: Re-select the surface substrate film;

Reason 3: Improper tension matching control of the composite substrate during the composite process leads to residual stress after curing and setting. Especially when the thickness of the composite film is thin, such failures are more likely to occur

Solution: Adjust the tension of each part of the composite processing equipment to make the retraction rates of the two composite substrates equal as far as possible.

Reason 4: Inconsistent thickness of paper bag materials produced;

Solution: Adjust the tension of floating roller;

Reason 5: The heat sealing temperature is too high, too hot or the heat sealing time is too long, resulting in damage and wrinkling of paper bag materials.

Solution: Adjust the heat sealing temperature to the normal temperature;

When the bread bag machine is running, generally, it is caused by the above-mentioned reasons. Our machinery has warped edge problems. We should all solve the problems of our machinery in time.