Automatic paper bag machine for which paper

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full-automatic paper bag machine is suitable for paper: kraft paper, coated paper, white paper, white cardboard, etc. (including coated paper)

full-automatic paper bag machine, which is an ideal equipment for making square paper bags with primary colors or printed flat paper as raw materials. The process flow is roughly as follows: the flat sheet after printing (or laminating) is transported to the gauge part for positioning by the automatic paper feeder, fed into the raw pressure line by the rolling device, then transported to the open bottom position by the conveying device, pressed into the horizontal line, opened the bottom, glued and pressed, and finally output the finished paper bag. The

reel square bottom paper bag function can finish the top gluing, cylinder forming, cutting, bottom indentation, gluing, bag bottom forming and bag discharging of the primary color or printed web at one time. It is an ideal equipment for producing food bags, clothing bags, shopping bags, etc.

full-automatic flat square bottom paper bag machine is a single sheet of paper, roll type head card and paper rope as raw materials, one-time complete handle manufacturing, handle pasting, top folding, tube forming, organ forming, back sealing, compaction forming or head sticking, top folding, tube forming, organ forming, corns hole forming, back sealing, compaction forming two perfect processes, one machine for two purposes, value for money. It is especially suitable for the production of outsourced handbags for clothing, footwear, sports brands or luxury brands. Truly fully automated production, directly out of the bag to the customer.