What Small-Scale Paper Bag Processing Factory Needs

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Now many people go to the sea to start their own businesses, such as Taobao shops, clothing processing factories, jewelry factories, carton factories, paper bag factories, etc. Of course, at the beginning, the scale of the factories was small, and the funds were not very sufficient. Basically, the boss took a few people to work together. So, what kind of machine is needed to set up a small paper bag factory to produce square bottom paper bags?

Because most entrepreneurs don't have too much capital to buy complete machines, and they haven't got considerable orders yet. If we rely on the whole manual processing of paper bags, the number of employees is too small, the production efficiency is low, it is difficult to guarantee the delivery time. Therefore, I suggest to you to buy and choose a processing machine, machine processing part, manual processing part, this is the initial creation of the factory model.

Buy a paper tube forming machine, use the machine to process the cut single sheet of paper or the cut roll of paper in the first step, make bags into tubes, then manually paste the bottom, fold the edges, thread the rope/stick the handle.

At this time, the paper bag factory, which has been developed for a period of time, already has a group of stable customers, and all aspects of the process are relatively coordinated and began to make profits. However, it was slowly discovered that the supply speed was too slow, so several more workers were recruited to temporarily alleviate the problem. They began to consider adopting the mode of the bottom pasting machine of the drum forming machine. The drum forming machine formed the drum. The workers folded the bottom pasting machine pasted the bottom, then folded the edge manually, and threaded the rope/stick the handle. The

paper bag factory has gradually formed a certain scale, and the mode of the bottom pasting machine of the cylinder forming machine cannot meet the increasing orders. Therefore, it has begun to prepare a complete paper bag machine. The square bottom paper bag machine has a sharp bottom food bag machine, diversified production and various products.