Discussion on Problems and Development Ideas of Paper Packaging Production

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Hunan Liling is an important ceramic production base and export base in China. In 2003, Hunan Province identified Liling ceramic industry as one of the top ten landmark industries in Hunan Province. In 2006, Hunan Province listed it as one of the 50 key industrial clusters supporting priority development. Hunan Liling ceramic industry cluster development status is as follows.

Liling ceramic industry is mainly concentrated in Pukou, Wangxian, Huangsha, Dongbao, Sunjiawan, Jiashu, Sifen and other villages and towns along the urban area, suburbs and southeast township of National Highway 106, with a distribution area of about 40 square kilometers. It has formed several characteristic ceramic industrial industrial zones, such as the north of the city represented by Guoguang porcelain and Qunli porcelain factory, the Jiashu and Sunjiawan stoneware production areas represented by Hualian porcelain, the Pukou, Yangdong and Dalin production areas represented by Hunan electric power porcelain factory and Pukou Huaxin company, the south of the city represented by Taixin porcelain, and the Shentan and Dongfu industrial ceramic production areas.

Product Type

According to the product manufacturing process, Liling ceramic products can be divided into high temperature porcelain and medium temperature porcelain. According to the product structure, Liling ceramics can be divided into daily porcelain, architectural ceramics, craft porcelain, special porcelain, electric porcelain, etc. According to the new products, liling Ceramics has a number of new products that have reached the leading level at home and abroad, such as lightweight ceramic fillers, 550 kV sulfur hexafluoride porcelain sets, vacuum ceramic tubes, antibacterial ceramics, bone jade porcelain, Kangyu porcelain, ivory porcelain and stoneware.

Enterprise Nature

Ceramic enterprises registered in Liling include state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises, individual private enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures.

In order to further expand and strengthen the stone industry in Wangcang County and promote the rapid and healthy development of the county economy. Recently, Liu Yazhou, the county magistrate of Wangcang County, Guangyuan City, led a delegation of investment promotion to Fujian Bonan Stone Industry Co., Ltd. and Quanshang (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. to inspect and hold a symposium to follow up and negotiate stone industry cooperation development projects. At the

symposium, the two sides discussed the exploration, mining, processing and recycling of Wangcang stone resources. Lin Zili, chairman of Bonan Stone Industry Co., Ltd., gave a comprehensive introduction to the inspection in Wangcang and put forward the company's preliminary cooperation ideas. The company plans to invest 1.2 billion yuan to register an exclusive and unified operation in Wangcang County, which integrates stone exploration, mining, processing and recycling, warehousing, logistics and distribution, agricultural ecological protection and the combination of planting, breeding, production and business. The new type of agricultural industrialization and commercialization is a circular economy demonstration zone. The project plans to cover an area of 1000 mu and build 10 stone processing production lines, forming an annual mining waste of 180000 cubic meters, processing stone plate 5 million square meters and crafts 500000 sets of production capacity.

The whole project will be implemented in three phases. After completion, the total output value will reach 3 billion yuan, the tax revenue will reach 0.12 billion yuan, and more than 3000 people will be employed. Liu Yazhou fully affirms and agrees with the concepts and ideas of Bonan Stone Industry Co., Ltd. and Quanshang (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. on harmonious development, cluster settlement, chain development and recycling of Wangcang Stone. It is hoped that the company will, in combination with the unique resource endowment of Wangcang Stone, produce a project investment plan and feasibility study report with depth and sincerity of cooperation as soon as possible, and set up a special project work team as soon as possible, substantially promote the project negotiation process and preliminary work.