Discussion on the gap between China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery and the international leading level

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Take the packaging machine as an example. The production capacity of the earliest packaging machine in China is 40 bottles/min, then 60 bottles/min, until it reaches 120 bottles/min. Foreign similar equipment in our 60 bottles/min production speed, reached 300 bottles/min. The products of Hafei Group, which is independently developed by our country, have no difference in output per minute and equipment functions from foreign equipment, but their stability is not outstanding enough. If foreign similar packaging equipment can achieve stable production at a production speed of 300 bottles/minute, then domestic similar equipment can generally only stabilize at a production speed of 280 bottles/minute.

Take the aluminum-plastic packaging machine as an example. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic aluminum-plastic packaging machine has a large gap, reflecting each specific work link. For example, China's production of aluminum-plastic packaging machine reticulated deep, and uneven. For example, the feeding process is a very critical and weak link in various types of packaging machines at home and abroad, but compared with foreign countries, the feeding process of China's pharmaceutical packaging machine is even weaker. China also has a roller brush aluminum-plastic packaging machine, which uses a special feeding process. In terms of the production capacity of the feeding process, taking capsules as an example, the output of domestic equipment is 600 tablets per minute and that of tablets is 700 to 800 tablets per minute, while the feeding process of foreign aluminum-plastic packaging machines can achieve a production speed of 2000 tablets per minute. Factors such as materials, processing methods and coordination of institutions directly affect the production speed and operating conditions of aluminum-plastic packaging machines. How to develop along the depth direction of GMP certification and the development strategy in the middle, the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry needs in-depth thinking.