Paper rope rewinder

The machine is mainly used with a paper rope machine. The rope roll of the paper rope machine is used as raw material. Through the high-speed rotation of the machine axis, the rope roll is quickly released at one end and rewound at the other end. It can not only expand the outer diameter of the final rope roll and the inner diameter of the rope roll center, but also eliminate the knotting phenomenon that may exist in the original rope roll, thus ensuring the efficiency and quality of the paper rope in subsequent production.

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Product Introduction

This machine is mainly used to support the twisted paper rope machine.This machine takes the paper rope roll produced from twisted paper rope machine as the raw material.releases the roll on one shaft and twines it on the other shaft on the machine. This machine can enlarge the diameter of the paper rope roll, and can eliminate rope knots in the raw paper rope roll, as well, so that the application efficiency of paper rope roll can be greatly improved in the afterwards processings.

Product Parameters

Main technical parameters  ZN-400F
Electric requirement  AC380V,50HZ
Single motor power  1.5kw
Motor rotation speed  1400 RPM
Cable  4X1.5mm R.S.J.MP
Core Dia ofraw rope roll  180mm
Swing stroke  400mm
Finished rope roll dia  600mm
Overall dimension  1000X1000X1360mm
Machine Weight  160kg

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