Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine With Rope/flat Handles

The machine is used to produce hand-held paper bags. The hand-held station automatically makes the prepared round rope and roll paper into hand-held, and transmits the prepared hand-held to the work stations of cutting handle, sending handle, pasting handle and pressing handle through the conveying system. Then the primary color or printed roll paper is broken, glued and pasted automatically, then, the host computer will apply edge glue, form a cylinder, cut, crease, glue at the bottom, form the bottom of the bag and transport the paper with hand-held paper out of the bag. The whole process is completed synchronously at one time.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

This machine is specially designed to make paper shopping bags with handles inline fully automatically. The handles will be delivered to the main machine after being produced by the handle making unit, and being cut and pasted to the paper. This machine can form the paper bag in one process from the paper roll, handle patching, side gluing, tube forming & cutting, bottom creasing & gluing and forming to bags collection.

The whole machine is in the control of servo motors (imported from Japan) to ensure the high precision and stability, simple maintenance and high efficiency. Thus it is an ideal equipment for printing houses and paper bagmanufacturers.


Product Parameters


Main technical parameters ZD-F230Q ZD-F350Q ZD-F450Q
Roll paperwidth 290-790 mm 420-1090 mm 650-1370 mm
Max.dia ofpaper roll φ1500mm φ1500mm φ1500mm
Inside dia of paper roll Φ76mm Φ76mm Φ76mm
Paper gram 50/65-150g/m² 60/80-150g/m² 80/90-150g/m²
Finished bag width 80/110-230mm 130/180-350mm 220-450mm
Paper tube length 190-(450mm including rope height) 260mm-(530mm including rope height) 280-(630mm including rope height)
Bag bottom width 50-150mm 65-180mm 80-220mm
Max production speed 160 bags/min 150 bags/min 140 bags/min
Working air current 0.6-0.8MPa 0.6-0.8MPa 0.6-0.8MPa
Total power 380V 3P4L 30KW 380V 3P4L 32KW 380V 3P4L 32KW
Weight 18500KG 19500KG 20500KG
Overall dimensions 12300*5800*2700 mm 13400*5900*2800 mm 14200*6000*2900mm


Flat handle B1 B2
Paper gram for handle 100-130g/m² 100-130g/m²
Flat rope width 12mm 15mm
Flat handle height 100mm 100mm
Flat rope distance 76mm 95mm
Dia of reel paper for handle Φ1200mm Φ1200mm
Paper patch gram 100-150g/m² 100-150g/m²
Roll paper(patch)width Φ1200mm φ1200mm
Handle patch length 152mm 190mm
Handle patch width 35-50mm 35-50 mm


Rope handle Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
Handle rope height 70-100mm 70-100mm 90-120mm 90-120m 90-120mm
Handle rope diameter Φ2.5-6mm φ3-6mm φ3-6mm φ3-6mm φ3-6mm
Handle patch length 95mm 114mm 152mm 190mm 190mm
Handle patch width 35-50 mm 35-50 mm 35-50 mm 35-50 mm 35-50 mm
Handle rope distance 47.5mm 57mm 76mm 95mm 101mm
Paper patch roll dia Φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm Φ1200mm
Paper patch roll width 70-100 mm 70-100 mm 70-100 mm 70-100 mm 70-100 mm
Paper patch gram 80-150g/m2 80-150g/m2 80-150 g/m2 80-150 g/m2 80-150g/m2


Process flow

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