Automatic paper rope Making machine

The equipment is mainly used for high-speed production of round paper rope, paper rope making equipment is hand-held paper bag machine supporting auxiliary equipment, the main function of the equipment is according to the needs of the cut good strip base paper feeding after winding to make the required diameter of the round paper rope, while the production of round paper rope can be recovered into a whole roll.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

This machine is designed to make twisted paper rope with high speed. as an auxiliary equipment for paper shopping bag machines wth handles uses paper tape as raw material, twists it into rope with required diameter through high speed spinning and rewinds them together to be a paper rope roll.

Product Parameters

Main technical parameters ZN-10K ZN-20K
Paper roll core diameter 76mm 76mm
Max.dia.of roll paper 500mm 450mm
Paper roll width 20-100mm 20-100mm
Paper gram 15-60g/m² 15-60g/m²
Paper rope diameter 2.5-6mm 2.5-6mm
Production speed 16-20m/min 30-50m/min
Power requirements 220V 220V
Total power 1.5kw 2.2kw
Machine Weight 250kg 700kg
Overall dimension 1500*1300*100mm 1580*1750*930mm


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