High-speed slitting machine

This type of slitting machine is suitable for partition adhesive, all kinds of paper, composite film, aluminized film, color printing film, is the ideal model for film, thin skin secondary processing and color printing packaging enterprises. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC (three vector motors) and the touch screen man-machine interface is used for centralized operation of the whole machine. The unwinding is controlled by imported air brake, and the coil diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to realize constant tension control.

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Product Details

Product Introduction

This machine is used for sliting and rewindinc various large rolling materials such as paper, (50g/m2 --300g/m2 )Kraft paper, coated paper, aluminum foil,PVC,plastic material, etc.

1.This machine adopts PLC touch screen control. Three motor vector control and automatic taper tension, central surface reeling.Frequency converter timing for m ain motor, keeping speed up and stable operation.

2.It has the functins of auto metering, automatic alarm, etc. Adopt A and B pneumatic shaft structure for rewinding, easy for loading and unioading.

3.lt adopts photoelectric automatic error correction adjustment system for unwinding, anomalistic materials wil be easy slit.

4.Equipped with automatic waste film blowing device.

5.Hydraulic shaftless loading system (can use automatic loading by phneumatic as optional).


Technical parameters

Main technical parameters ZNF-1100A/B ZNF-1300NB ZNF-1600A/B
Max. width 1100mm 1300mm 1600mm
Max Diameterfar unwinding φ1400/1600mm φ1400/1600mm φ1400/1600mm
Min wad th af slitting 50mm 50mm 50mm
Max Diameter of rewin ding φ800/1000/1200mm φ800/1000/1200mm φ800/1000/1200mm
Speed 10-350m/min 10-350m/min 10-350m/min
Total Power 22kw 22kw 22kw
Power supply 380V/50hz 380V/50hz 380V/50hz
Weight 5600kg 6000kg 6400kg
Overal dimension (LxMxH) 4200*2600*1950(mm) 4200*2600*1950(mm) 4200*2600*1950(mm)


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