Flexographic printing machine series

The main motor of this machine adopts synchronous belt drive for each printing group. High precision planetary gearbox (360. plate adjustment) gear drive impression roller (can be positive and negative printing conversion).

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paper bag machine


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1. The shaftless hydraulic feeding is adopted for discharging, which makes the operator easy and safe.

2. The main motor of this machine adopts synchronous belt to drive each printing group. High-precision planetary gearbox (360. Plate adjustment) gear drive embossing roller (can be converted from forward to reverse printing).

3. After printing, the material position is long, so that the ink is easy to dry and the material is cooled well.

4. The printing plate roller adopts helical gear transmission to improve the printing color accuracy.

5. The backrest type is adopted for winding, so that the printed materials can be collected and leveled, and the operation is easy and safe.


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